Types of Carports

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3f645593-0858-49a6-bde7-3cf2fe75b3d7ALVA Vert Roof 18x21x6 For Flyer

Vertical Roof Style
This design is the most durable as well as the most traditional style of metal roof. Its vertically aligned panels allow for better water and debris shed. It’s construction with hat-channel and paneling on top make this the storage roof style we offer.

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Boxed Eve Style
This is engineered to provide the coverage you need while maintaining a more traditional looking roof line to compliment your property/home. Its roofing panels run from front to back like our regular style.

711de34d-1a6b-4989-b4b5-0c0b24e853bfALVA Reg Style for Flyer

Regular Style

Rounded eves are our most economical roof style available. It’s roofing panels run front to back.

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