Joice Portable Buildings is an authorized dealer for Eagle Carports and Derksen Portable buildings. We have been selling Eagle and Derksen products for over 10 years and have earned the business of thousands of satisfied customers. Joice Portable Buildings is a family owned business located in Livingston, TX, however, we are looking to have customers in all of the 50 states by the end of 2017. We believe in a personal relationship between us and our customers, that is why we prefer to talk to our potential customers before during and after the transaction is complete. This is the reason our website is NOT completely automated, we believe we need to talk to our customers to make sure the product they want is the product delivered. Sometimes with automated websites, things are missed that a customer needs but may not know they need. This is one of the reasons we have professionals to walk the customer through the purchasing process and ensure a smooth and correct transaction. I would like to say thank you for considering Joice Portable Buildings to be your dealer for present and future purchases.

Joice Portable Buildings provides a complete selection of customizable steel buildings to customers nationwide, including a long list of features and options. All the metal and steel buildings we sell—from our smallest metal carports to our largest metal garages and barns—are of the highest quality available in terms of materials, construction, and workmanship. What makes Joice Portable Buildings completely different is our approach to customer service: we focus on building lasting relationships with every one of our valued customers.

At Joice Portable Buildings, we proudly offer a full range of fully-customizable steel garages, barns, and carports. We will build it exactly the way you need it: all the metal buildings we offer can be completely customized, so be sure to take advantage of our in-house design service to ensure your steel building meets your needs to a tee.



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